215. Chicken, Rabbit and Crab

I'm a slow walker, but I never walk backwards.

Task Description

There are chicken, rabbit, and crab in a cage. Now given the total number of animals $s$, the total number of legs $f$, and the total number of tails of these animals $t$, please compute the numbers of the chicken, rabbit, and crab, respectively.

We assume that a chicken has two legs and one tail, a rabbit has four legs and one tail, and a crab has EIGHT legs and NO tail. If there is no solution, your program should output 0.


有雞、兔子和螃蟹在同一個籠子裡。 現給定這些動物的總數(s)、動物腳的總數(f)及動物尾巴的總數(t),(0<=s, f, t<=2^31-1) 請計算兔子、雞、螃蟹的數量。

如果給定的數字不可能有解,程式應該輸出 0。


$0 \le s, f, t \le 2^{31}-1$

Input Format

Input will consist of one problem instance. Each instance will consist of one line. The first line will be three non-negative integers $s, f, t$.

Output Format

If there is a solution, your program should output the numbers of chickens, rabbits, and crabs. Otherwise, your program should output 0.

Sample input

9 48 5

Sample output


Sample input

9 48 20

Sample output