249. Company

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Task Description

Write a program to determine the relation between two employees in a company. Every employee is described by a record like the following.


struct employee {
  int id;
  char first_name[32];
  char last_name[32];
  int boss_id;

The id is a unique identification number of an employee. The first_name and last_name are the names of an employee. The boss_id is the identification number of the boss of the employee. Two employees have one of the following relation.

  • If an employee A can follow the "boss" relation to an employee to another employee B, then A is a subordinate of B, and B is a supervisor of A.
  • If A and B have a common supervisor C, then A and B are colleague
  • If none of the above is true, then A and B are unrelated.

其中每一個員工都擁有自己獨一無二的 id 編號,而 first_namelast_name 則是員工的名字,最後一個 boss_id 則是指該名員工的上司編號。兩名員工之間的關係分成以下三種:

  • 如果員工 A 可以藉由 boss 關係找到 B,則表示 B 為 A 的上司,意即 A 是 B 的下屬。
  • 如果 A 和 B 有共同的上司,則 A 和 B 是同事。
  • 如果上述觀係都不成立,則 A 和 B 之間沒有關係。

此外,這種關係是遞移的。例如,A 是 B 的上司,且 B 是 C 的上司,則 A 是 C 的上司。同理,B 是 A 的下屬,且 C 是 B 的下屬,則 C 是 A 的下屬。


The first line of the input is the number of employees $n$, which is no more than 32. The next $n$ lines are the information of the employees. The next line is the number of queries $m$. Each of the next $m$ has the names of two employees. Since $m$ could be quite large so you must process a query once you read it. These two names will be different.

第一行會有一個整數 $n$ 表示有多少名員工,保證不多於 32 名員工,接下來會有 $n$ 行,每一行上會有一個員工資訊,分別為員工的 id, first_name, last_name。接著會有一個整數 $m$,表示接下來會有 $m$ 個詢問關係,接下來會有 $m$,每一行上會有兩個人名,保證詢問的兩個人名都不相同。


The output has $m$ lines. Each line indicates the relation between the two employees.


Sample input

100 John Smith 200
200 Adam Joshson 300
300 Jane Washington 300
400 Mary Miller 300
500 Eric Page 500
600 James Clark 500
John Smith Jane Washington
Jane Washington Adam Joshson
Adam Joshson Mary Miller
Mary Miller James Clark

Sample output