98. Food Ingredients in Common

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Task Description

A Food has many ingredients. For example, a cake is made of egg, flour, sugar, and butter and an omelet is made of egg, bacon, and ham. As a result the common ingredients of cake and omelet is egg. Now write a program to determine the common ingredients of given two foods.


The first line of the input is $n$, the number of foods. Each of the next $n$ lines starts with the food, followed by a number $i$, then number of ingredients, then followed by the names of the i different ingredients. All names of food and ingredients consist of lower case letter only. The next line is $m$, the number of queries. Each of the following m line has the names of two foods.


The output has $m$ lines. The $i$-th line lists the names of common ingredients for the $i$-th query. You must output the names in dictionary order. If there is no common ingredients for a query, you must output “nothing”. It is guaranteed that no ingredient is called “nothing”.


  • $n$ is positive and no more than $100$
  • $i$ is positive and no more than $10$
  • The length of food and ingredient names are positive and no more than $64$.

Sample input

cake 4 egg flour sugar butter
omelet 4 egg bacon ham butter
bread 1 flour
cake omelet
omelet bread

Sample output

butter egg